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Here is the story about me


My Story

I consider myself an inconstant person because I always like to try and learn new things. But there is one thing that has never changed from childhood to today, the love for digital things and drawing 😍. I often drew as a child and I do the same today as freelance Illustrator.

When I had to choose my career, I didn't think for a moment that my passion could become a profession. So, I started working in development as a Front-End Developer.

I am very grateful for this decision because it allowed me to learn useful aspects in what I do today, and also to discover new disciplines. This is how I discovered the love for the world of user experience and user interface 🥰.

Current Day

Actually, I'm running and enjoy my own podcast where I interview designers all around the world, asking about methodologies, differences, and future trends of design 😊.


Some frame about the episodes! So much fun!


I try whenever I can, to follow some live events, before the pre-pandemic "era", all around the office of Milan, following workshop for design system or any type of events regarding the world of design 🤩.


Design event in Milan office

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Digital Product Designer with a solid background in the entire product development lifecycle.


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